October 4, 2021

Mizuno KRSUltra 60

Registration can be done from 25.12.2021 here.

Period Price
25.12.2021 - 31.01.2021 800,-
01.02.2021 - 25.03.2021 900,-
26.03.2019 - 08.04.2021 1.000,-

The following is included in the participation fee:
Timing, drink / food stations along the way, transport of dropbag, hot meal at destination.

If you unsubscribe up to 14 days before the start, you will be refunded 400, -
You can also transfer your place to others for a change fee of 100, - up to 14 days before the start.

All participants are obliged in all Norwegian exercise events to redeem the license. For more information about the license, see NIF's website.


12.2 KM / 400+ / 370-

The trail starts on hard ground at Aquarama and along the river bank until we take up in Baneheia after about 2 kilometers. We follow the gravel paths in Baneheia, past Svarttjønn to Fant Olsen's section where we take a trip up the hill before the trail continues on the gravel path past Bånetjønn and down behind the hospital which is passed after just over 5 kilometers. From there, we follow the technical path counterclockwise in the blue-marked "Bymarka runt" until the detour (unmarked path) towards Gangdalen. The trail goes on the Otrasiden of Gangdalen and comes out on the bike path at Sagebakken which is followed to checkpoint Hommeren.


11.6 KM / 490+ / 480-

From Hommeren, the route continues down the gravel road, under the Setedal railway and over Otra on the suspension bridge. Setesdalsveien is followed first on the bike path and then at the roadside (keep right) until we turn right up towards Glattetre. The cart road is followed upwards. Signage and blue markings towards Skråstadvarden are followed (the right) and the cart road eventually becomes a technical path. At Skråstadvarden, follow the blue-marked outer trail towards Oddersjaa. From here you run past the Inverted Boat and down the red-marked path to Kyredalen. The trail continues up and past Redalsheia and follows the blue markings down to the post road at Sødalsmyra. The trail enters the blue-marked technical path marked "Sødal" after only 50m on the post road and follows this over Kalkheia and down by Jegersbergsvann by the dam. The hiking trail towards Grønn slette is followed to the checkpoint on the plain which is after about 24 km.


7.8 KM / 300+ / 330-

From Grønn slette, follow the hiking trail along Jegersbergsvann on the north side and out onto the light trail in the direction of Stitjønn. The blue-marked path "Holmenkollen" is followed up and over Holmenkollen. We follow the blue-marked path down behind Holmenkollen and follow this to the northern edge of Kyrtjønn. The trail goes straight across the post road and follows the red marking up the hill almost all the way to the dam at Salvestjønn and turns right. The trail comes out on red markings at Øygardstjønn and follows the pond around on the left side marked «Grostøl». The post road continues to the car park at Grostøl.


12.8 KM / 570+ / 560-

From Grostøl we take the path «Gamle postveien». This is followed to the path up towards Rosseheia and down the back of the construction road over to Saga. The construction road is followed only a few hundred meters before the trail turns right and follows the red-marked trail up the slope towards Slettehei. Red markings are followed down Bydalen via Eilefsmyr from Slettehei until it is extended to a cart road and Linvannet becomes visible. Sharp left turn along the eastern side of Linvannet and down towards Kringlemyr. At the junction, choose the red-marked technical path to the left down Fagreisdalen to the construction road. Turn left up a few hundred meters on the construction road until the blue-marked technical path takes the right direction Murtedalen. At the house in Murtedalen, follow the cart road further along Sagevannet to Skau-Skau. Follow the marked trail towards Skråstadvarden to the cart road down to Glattetre. Take the right down the cart road all the way to the bottom and the national road becomes visible. Follow the left side of the paved road back to the Hommeren checkpoint.


9.7 KM / 370+ / 370-

From Hommeren, take a cycle path under the road and continue straight until it turns into a cart road. Follow the cart road a few kilometers until the blue-marked technical path turns off to the left marked «Strai». Follow this past Fiskevann until after a few kilometers it turns into first a cart road, then a gravel road and finally asphalt down towards Strai. Take the predecessor crossing at Bunnpris and follow the cycle path a few hundred meters towards the right direction Kristiansand. Follow the cycle path further when it turns left and under the railway. Turn right at the first crossroads and cross the road. At an open gravel site, take the red-marked trail up into the city field. After a steep climb, you come out on the "Bymarka runt" trail. Turn right and follow this for the next 5 kilometers all the way to Ravneheia. Take the blue-marked path towards the last checkpoint in Ravnedalen.
Be careful down the stairs!


5.6 KM / 130+ / 150-

From Ravnedalen we take the gravel road up to Bånetjønn. The trail goes clockwise around Bånetjønn and follows the light trail down to the center. It is run on small paths down via Brannvakta and over the dam between the 1st and 2nd stomp and back to the place we came up in the track heath a few hours earlier. Finally, follow your own tracks the remaining 2 flat kilometers along the river bank on hard ground to the finish on the grass by the city beach.