December 22, 2021

AQ Bymarka 21

AQ Bymarka 21 is a 21 kilometer long cross-country race with a total ascent of around 600 meters. Start and finish are at Aquarama in Kristiansand center. The surface is distributed with 4km of asphalt, 6km of gravel / cart road and 11km of technical path. The trail is technically demanding and takes you on a round trip in Bymarka in a counterclockwise direction in large parts of the marked hiking trail "Bymarka runt" ending down the stairs to Ravnedalen and via Baneheia back to the city.

Start time 12:00



Period Price
01/12/2022 – 31/12/2022 300,-
01.01.2023 – 31.03.2022 400,-
01/04/2019 – 14/04/2023 500,-

The following is included in the participation fee:
Timing, drink / food stations along the way and hot meal at the finish.

No refunds are given upon cancellation, but you can transfer your place to others free of charge up to and including 31 March 2023 and for a change fee of NOK 100 in the last 14 days before the start.

All participants are obliged in all Norwegian exercise events to redeem the license.
For more information about the license, see NIF's website.

The trail starts on hard ground from the start at Aquarama and along the river bank until we take up Baneheia after about 2 kilometers. We follow the gravel paths in Baneheia up via Svarttjønn to Fant Olsen's piece. A small quick trip along the technical path on the hill north, before the trip goes past Bånetjønn and down behind the hospital which is passed after just over 5 kilometers. From there we follow the technical path counterclockwise in the blue mark "Bymarka runt" to Ravneheia where we take the stairs to Ravnedalen after 15 kilometers. From there there is gravel underlay on the route up around Bånetjønn and down to the small paths in Baneheia where we stop by the fire station until we leave Baneheia where we entered. Finally, follow your own tracks the remaining 2 flat kilometers along the river bank on hard ground to finish on the grass by the city beach.

Files for download DRIKKEGPX track

The bib must be affixed without folding visibly on the front. The entire bib must be visible throughout the race.

The route will be well marked with markers and signs. There is no need for a map or compass or knowledge of the trails in advance. For your own security you may want to load the trail's .gpx file if you have a watch that supports this. If you have run more than 200m without seeing a mark, turn around and return to the last mark. Runners are obliged to follow the marked route and running off the marked route may result in disqualification.

There will be no drinking cups at the drinking stations, so if you want a drink, you must bring your own cup or bottle for refilling.

There is no equipment required, but it may make sense to bring clothing according to the weather conditions as well as food and drink for the periods between the checkpoint.

Participants who have to abandon the race must inform the race director about this as soon as possible on telephone 958 36 581. We will try to be helpful with transport if this is practically possible.